Ian Mirfin – Head of Wheelchair Racing at Red Star A.C. 

Having known and worked with Karen on a number of levels and over a number of years, I am convinced that Gold Rush will effectively meet the learning and development needs of people and teams across a range of business and industry sectors as well as on an individual level.

Karen is an inspiring individual who uses her personal and professional experiences to ably demonstrate the value of a positive approach, particularly in overcoming barriers that may seem to be insurmountable. Karen has performed at the highest level as an athlete and has forged a successful career and family life alongside this and subsequently.

Karen’s determination, enthusiasm, intelligence and humour ensures that Gold Rush activities will be memorable for participants and highly wothwhile to both individuals and organisations alike. As someone who has been involved in delivery, design and commissioning of training and development on a number of levels and having co-delivered in the past with Karen, I can honestly vouch for her capabilities and would recommend Gold Rush to those considering commissioning relevant learning and development activities

Shona Malcolm – Scottish Athletics

Karen has worked with many of our current athletes at Scottish Athletics and Scottish Disability Sport, to motivate and inspire them to achieve their very best performance at whatever they do.

Janice Eaglesham – Head Coach and Founder - Red Star A.C.

I would like to take this opportunity to endorse the work of Karen and Goldrush. Having known Karen personally for over 20 years and following her sporting development from a promising young athlete to a world medallist and Paralympic athlete, I am delighted she is now putting these experiences to such valuable use.

As an athlete, Karen was a determined and focussed individual. With any sporting career that goes to the very top, the path is littered with more challenges than easy options. What makes a top class performer in any walk of life is how these challenges are met. Karen faced many challenges and disapointments on her route to athletics success with grit and determination.These skills transferred into Karens personal life which have shone through in her career and personal development.

Everyone can develop these skills in whatever area oft their life they choose if given then right guidance and support. I can think of no better person to deliver this message.

Jamie Cuthbertson, Athlete and Motivational Speaker 

Over the years that I’ve known her, Karen has always been a real inspiration to me, both as a dedicated athlete on the track and as an advocate for others. She is very unassuming but gets her point over firmly and always leaves an audience motivated as well

 Gold Rush Participant – Age 13 

I met Karen whilst I was working on a youth fundraising event. She was extremely passionate about the work she was doing with our group, and was a complete inspiration to all of us on the team. I have never met anyone in a wheelchair before, and Karen proved to us that you really can do anything you put your mind too

Liz Kahn, Journalist 

I am a journalist and met Karen many years ago at a Sports luncheon and we have always remained in touch.  I have written about her and watched her achieve so much in every direction.  I rejoiced at her Paralympic achievements and at her ability to get on with life, doing everything with so much charm and determination.  She is one of life’s delightful people and an inspiration to us all.

 Ian Whyte – Principal Lecturer University of Sunderland  

Through both my work at the University, and as an athletics coach, I’ve known Karen for many years from the 14 year old swimmer who vocally represented her and her peers at sports club development meetings that I chaired, through her time as a student of mine in Higher Education, and more recently when she worked as a sports development officer in the region. Irrespective of the role she undertook, Karen has always impressed me with her commitment to task, happy outlook, and very positive thinking.  It is these attributes that have made Karen a success in many walks of life, and especially in her athletics career. Her focus and determination have been apparent to me and if she can enthuse even one young person to follow her, then she will have made a difference. I would recommend that if anyone is seeking a training opportunity that is both positive and motivational, then you could do considerably worse than contact Karen.